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Our Investment Philosophy

Investing is a means to an end and should take the wider picture into account

We believe that investment advice should, ideally, be considered in conjunction with your long-term objectives.

We offer a financial planning service to allow us to determine your goals and objectives in order for us to produce a plan to achieve these.

Attitude to Investment risk is crucial

We believe that determining the level of investment risk that you are comfortable taking is crucial. This would influence how your money is invested, which in turn will affect the prospects for your future investment returns.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

A successful investment strategy is one that is spread across a range of asset classes (this is known in the industry as ‘asset allocation’). We establish an appropriate asset allocation strategy for you based on your attitude to risk and objectives utilising specialist research. A diversified portfolio reduces risk without destroying investment returns.

Minimise the cost of investing

Whilst you can’t control what happens to markets, you can control how much you are paying to access them. Research suggests that, in general, lower cost investments tend to outperform higher cost alternatives over the long term.

Maintain  perspective and long-term discipline

Investing evokes emotion that can disrupt even the best made plans. Some investors make rash decisions based on market volatility but we can help you counter that emotion by encouraging discipline and a long-term perspective.

Investors should adopt a systematic approach to investing based on the principles of asset allocation and diversification and then stick to that plan!

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