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I feel very confident about my financial future thanks to Steve.


Steve’s helped me with financial planning and preparation for retirement in particular, whether it be pension provision, guidance, and advice, or giving me peace of mind knowing that I’m doing the right things before I retire.

I’m very confident about the future after working with Steve and Britannic Place. I’ll be able to stop work completely in the next two or three years if I want, even though I actually plan to carry on because I enjoy it. Still, it’s nice to have the reassurance that the work that Steve has put in has given me clarity on my options for when I can retire.

One of the reasons I’ve stayed with Steve for 17 years is he’s very easy to relate to. And by that, I mean he’s got a keen interest in sport and so have I. It’s not just talking shop all the time. He’s a really good bloke, and he’s the kind of person I’d be quite happy to go out and have a pint with down the pub. He’s a top man.

If I wasn’t working with Steve, and the rest of the team at Britannic Place, I would have absolutely no clarity around my financial position now or what it would be in 5, 10 or 15 years. It’s been really important to understand all of that.

The three words I’d use to describe Steve are honest, genuine, and having integrity.

The best thing about working with Britannic Place is I know I’m dealing with people, not an algorithm. They know who I am and so it’s very reassuring to know that when I speak to Steve, Helen, Denise or whoever it may be, they immediately know who I am. They don’t necessarily know why I’m calling each time, but the intimacy they have with their clients is very reassuring.

The best piece of advice Steve has given me has been around how to manage and invest my money. I had a very single-track idea that I wanted to put all my money into property, but I can see now that would have been a flawed way of going about things. Now I have a far more balanced portfolio. That single piece of advice has strengthened not only my financial position but also spread the risk associated with preparing for retirement.

Britannic Place will take the time to really understand your position financially, as well as your aspirations in the broader context of your family. And then they work out what’s the best thing for you based on where you want to be. I highly recommend working with Britannic Place to anyone who wants to speak to people who will take the time to get to know them, understand their goals, and give them the best possible advice.

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