What we do

Our investment philosophy

We provide our clients with the highest level of service and technical expertise in the management and preservation of wealth.

We offer a financial planning service whereby we determine your goals and objectives in order to produce a plan to achieve them. You can trust us to look after your best interests and our value goes beyond just the cost of our services.

Rather than following any fads, our evidence-based investment philosophy is rooted in facts. It involves buying and holding a highly diversified portfolio of low-cost funds. By trading as little as possible, it minimises costs and generates higher returns.

Our investment philosophy follows four key principles:

Your attitude to investment risk is key

Determining the level of investment risk that you are comfortable taking is crucial. We have the skills and experience to work around this knowledge. This influences how your money is invested, which in turn will affect the prospects for your future investment returns.

Diversify your assets

Asset allocation is where our successful investment strategy begins. We establish an appropriate strategy for you based on your attitude to risk and objectives, utilising specialist research. A diversified portfolio reduces risk without destroying your investment returns.

Minimise the cost of investing

While we can’t control what happens to markets, we can control how much you are paying to access them. Research suggests that, in general, lower-cost investments tend to outperform higher-cost alternatives over the long term.

Maintain long-term discipline

The emotion involved in investing can disrupt even the best-laid plans. We keep you on track to avoid making any rash decisions based on market volatility. How do we do that? Easy, we counter that emotion by encouraging discipline and a long-term perspective.

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