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Glenn & Lynne

Steve embraces every part of our financial needs. Not just investments or wills, but everything.


We got in touch with Britannic Place in the middle of 2019 because our assets were in a bit of a muddle. We had share portfolios that were out of proportion and cash sitting in bank accounts because we’d retired and taken out lump sums and so on. We wanted to get everything sorted out for the future and to make the most of things.

The issues we faced were around estate management and making sure that our plans going forward were as tax-efficient as possible. We wanted to ensure we were making the most of our assets.

We did visit and interview several other financial advisers, but Steve offered the sort of thing that we wanted with more breadth, rather than just a few particular things.

We chose Britannic Place because we liked Steve. He’s a very affable chap and inspires confidence. In our first meeting, he also explained the sorts of things that he could do, which made me feel he could embrace every part of our needs. Not just investment or wills, but everything.

It gives us confidence that our financial future is secure, and that we’re doing the right things. Also, we know that Steve takes a longer-term view of our situation; he understands our aspirations and our interest in not only our own financial health but that of our family and succeeding generations.

We’re reassured by Steve and feel that he has every base covered. If we have any concerns, such as if the chancellor goes and moves the goalposts, I know that he will be right on it. So, I’m quite happy about the future.

The three characteristics that spring to mind when talking about working with Steve are that he’s affable and approachable. And he’s honest, and not at all pushy. Most importantly for us, if he doesn’t know something, he’ll say, so there’s no bluster.

The best thing about working with Steve is he’s a member of STEP. So, he’s got all the qualifications that we can rely on. He has lots of other qualities too, but that is the one that underlines our faith in his ability.

The best piece of advice we’ve got from Steve relates to estate management, and what trusts to use in what circumstances.

We’d recommend Britannic Place because they care. They look after you. They are a one-stop shop. And they all seem to be very friendly. Although you’ll see different people with Steve, depending on what you’re seeing him for, they’re all a good team.

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