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Thanks to Steve, we now have a more secure financial future.


We decided that we wanted to speak to a financial adviser after I became self-employed six years ago. We wanted to make sure that, as a family, our finances were nice and secure for the future.

We were advised by our accountant that Britannic Place were a local provider of financial advice services, and they came well recommended. We spoke to a couple of friends who also worked with Steve at Britannic Place. So, we decided that that was the route we were going to take, and we got in touch with him.

For the first 25 years of my working career, I was employed rather than self-employed. But I decided to take the step into becoming self-employed and, as such, needed to make sure that I was covering my finances correctly, and that everything was secure for the future.

The uncertainty of being self-employed is that work can stop at any time, and you have to then find more and keep going forward. So, I wanted to make sure that I had money to get us through those leaner times as we progress through the rest of our working careers.

Having someone able to advise us on how and where to invest our money wisely, while listening to our needs, was really positive. This gave us a much more positive outlook on where we were financially for the future.

If I was asked for three words to describe Steve and the service we get from Britannic Place, I would say that they offer a friendly atmosphere, and actively listen to what we need. And they understand that we don’t necessarily know exactly how to achieve what we’re trying to do, but they will help us with that.

The best thing about working with Britannic Place and Steve is two things, although really one, and that’s the relaxed conversation and atmosphere. There is also no pressure to make decisions straight away. Steve gives us time to go away and talk about things as a family, and to think about what we want to do and how we want to proceed. So, the main thing is that there’s no pressurised decision-making.

The best advice Britannic Place and Steve has given us is that nothing is 100% certain, but don’t worry. There are uncertainties in the world as there are uncertainties in financial planning, so you can only do the best with the advice you’ve got and the decisions that you make. Again, not everything is 100% certain, but don’t worry.

I would definitely recommend Britannic Place, Steve, and his team, for anyone looking for some financial advice or looking to change their career, such as going self-employed as I did six years ago.

Their team is small but very competent. They are all friendly and there’s almost a family feel, so they don’t just know about me and my wife, they also ask after our family as well. I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve to anybody who’s looking for financial advice.

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