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I was so impressed with how personable and engaging Britannic Place were.


I first got in touch with Britannic Place three years ago because I wanted to retire early, yet I was locked into my company pension scheme. I wanted someone to look through my finances, particularly my pension, and to give me an honest view of whether I could retire either immediately or, if not, when that would be viable to do so in the future.

Britannic Place provided me with all the data I needed. We had planned a retirement within 12 months of my first contacting them.

I chose Britannic Place for various reasons after looking at one or two other advisers. But having met the team and experienced the service they provide; I was impressed with how personable and engaging they were. They came across as having integrity and were interested in me, my life, my family, and my background. They seemed interested in putting a plan together that suited me rather than just a bland financial plan that came out of a machine.

When I first met with Britannic Place, I was quite taken aback by the amount of time that Steve and his team took to understand me personally: my background, my wife, her career, my career, our family, what we wanted to do, what our lifestyle was, both at the present time and what we expected our lifestyle to be in the future.

That whole process took quite a few hours, but we never felt rushed. We never felt as though we were intruding on the time of the team. It engendered a level of trust with the team there, but it also gave them all the information they needed, trying to get to know us as strangers. Over the last three years, we’ve become, I would say, good friends, as well as us having Britannic Place as a trusted adviser.

Since working with Britannic Place, I’ve been able to retire early, which was my prime objective. I’m financially secure and also have a plan in place that will allow my financial security to continue well past me being on this earth.

Three words that I would use to describe Steve and the team at Britannic Place are friendly, dependable, and acting with integrity.

The best thing about working with Britannic Place is that I find them both customer-focused, but also professional people in their field giving friendly, reliable and unbiased advice. They will also offer guidance where you feel uncertain, but this is given only when asked for, rather than forced upon you.

I would highly recommend Steve and the people at Britannic Place and have done so to one or two of my close friends. The reason is that they provide solutions that are beyond my capability. Those solutions are based on their experience, professionalism and integrity and have proven to be exactly what I need to provide me with a financially stable future.

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