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Rohan & Diana

Steve gave us the confidence that we could retire comfortably.


We’ve been clients of Britannic Place for about five and a half years. I asked a colleague at work if he had any recommendations, and he said he’d been a client of Britannic Place for many years and was very satisfied with their performance.

Rohan and I wanted to approach Britannic Place because we didn’t know our financial position as we neared retirement age. We had various small pension pots, but we didn’t know what the general picture would be. So, we wanted to find out when we could retire and whether we could afford it.

There’s a lot of negative press about advisers giving dodgy advice, so I just wanted somebody who’d been recommended and who had a good track record. We started straight away by approaching Steve.

We were concerned that we had various very small pension pots, but we weren’t sure quite what they would amount to in the way of final pensions and our retirement. We gave Steve all these details, as well as our family circumstances and aspirations, and he put together a package with which we’ve been very happy, and it has worked very well for us.

He gave us the confidence that we could actually retire when we wanted. We left our first meeting with Steve with big smiles on our faces.

Regarding our financial future, we feel very confident of where we are, as much as one can in the world today. But I’m very at ease with our financial situation.

The best thing about Britannic Place has been that they’ve given us complete confidence, given the way that financial matters can be. We’re as confident as possible, due to the way that Steve and Britannic Place are handling our finances.

Steve is very approachable, and one feels very comfortable dealing with him. We trust in the reliability of his service to us and his professional knowledge.

Britannic Place gave us an individual plan, entirely tailored for us and in which we’ve complete confidence.

We have complete confidence in Britannic Place and Steve and have recommended them to other people. We’d love other people to have the same confidence in their financial affairs as we’ve enjoyed while we’ve been with them.

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